Mercedes can't do without Hamilton: "If they think that, then they are dreaming"

01-02-2021 11:29 | Updated: 01-02-2021 14:34
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Mercedes can't do without Hamilton: If they think that, then they are dreaming

Lewis Hamilton has still not signed a new contract with Mercedes and that is causing some speculation. How sharp does Mercedes dare to play this game? According to Eddie Jordan Mercedes cannot do without Lewis.

Hamilton has won six world titles in the last eight seasons for Mercedes. Each year Mercedes provides him with the best car, but he still has to beat his teammate. While many people feel that anyone in that car would win, Eddie Jordan knows that Hamilton is special to Mercedes.

Formula 1 needs Hamilton

''Lewis is just the icing on the cake. He's the guy everyone wants to talk to after the race. Of course, Mercedes will say that success is also to do with the car and that he is the best in that car, and I won't deny that. However, I still believe that if Mercedes think they can achieve this success with another driver, then they are dreaming,'' Jordan said in the Sporting Life podcast.

However, the former Formula One team boss does not assume that Mercedes is dreaming. ''If there is one thing I am sure of in Formula One, it is that Mercedes and team boss Toto Wolff are not dreamers. Wolff is very intelligent and he knows the value of Lewis. They will sit down together and come to a solution. Formula 1 needs Lewis Hamilton'', Jordan concludes.

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