Red Bull to wait longer for decision: 'Vote did not take place'

26-01-2021 18:11 | Updated: 26-01-2021 20:46
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Red Bull to wait longer for decision: 'Vote did not take place'

Red Bull is fully committed to the continued use of the Honda engine. To realise this, however, the development of the engine regulations must be frozen. This decision was supposed to be voted on Monday but, according to, that did not happen.

The FIA, Liberty Media, the teams and the engine manufacturers were due to hold a digital ballot this Monday, but it did not take place. Although there was disagreement over the plan, Red Bull still felt they would come to an agreement last Friday, a source within the team told RaceFans.

Possibility of adjustments is blocking agreement

Ross Brawn, who is overseeing the negotiations for Liberty Media, also confirmed to the website that no verdict had been reached and that a new round of voting is likely to take place on 11 February, during a meeting of the Formula One Commission.

The problem with these negotiations is mainly the possibility of making adjustments during this 'freeze'. Red Bull and Ferrari are in favour of this, but Mercedes and Renault are not. Mercedes is in favour of a freeze, but only if no interim adjustments can be made.

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