James Key praises Ricciardo: "He brings a lot of experience"

26-01-2021 17:21 | Updated: 26-01-2021 20:40
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James Key praises Ricciardo: He brings a lot of experience

In 2021 Daniel Ricciardo will embark on a new adventure at McLaren, to which he will transfer from Renault. Technical director James Key thinks Ricciardo will be an excellent addition.

Sainz gap filled by Ricciardo

While he admits that the loss of Carlos Sainz will be great, Key simultaneously believes that Ricciardo can fill that gap well.

"Carlos leaves a big void," Key tells the F1 Nation podcast. "But his replacement will fill that void well. It's great to have Dan on board. I've worked with him in the past, and I know he will bring new ways of seeing and working to the team."

He continues: "He has a light, jovial attitude. Both in and out of the car, he's a great personality, but he also brings a lot of experience and determination."

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