Will Aston Martin become a Mercedes copy again?

25-01-2021 14:59 | Updated: 25-01-2021 18:08
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Will Aston Martin become a Mercedes copy again?

Aston Martin seems to be taking a big step forward this winter. The British team is going to copy Mercedes' rear suspension. This time, it will all be according to the rules.

Aston Martin, as Racing Point, managed to get on the grid last season with an almost identical car to the one driven by Mercedes in 2019. After a hefty fine and points deduction, the rules regarding copying have been tightened, yet Aston Martin seems to be taking advantage of this again.

Rear suspension can be copied

In 2021 Aston Martin will be able to use a number of Mercedes parts. Last year Mercedes introduced a brand new rear suspension with which the German team made a big step. Aston Martin hopes to do the same in 2021.

The new rear suspension generated significantly more downforce for Mercedes and Aston Martin now wants to use it too. This is all legal because the suspension is missing from the list of parts that a team must manufacture itself, according to FIA regulations. It also doesn't cost Aston Martin any tokens and the team will be another step closer to Red Bull Racing.

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