Former colleagues agree: Grosjean deserves more recognition

21-01-2021 19:08 | Updated: 21-01-2021 21:53
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Former colleagues agree: Grosjean deserves more recognition

Romain Grosjean's exit from Formula 1 officially marks the end of his five-year stint at Haas as well as his 10 seasons in the premier class of motorsport. Although the Frenchman is often remembered for being prone to accidents and mistakes, two former colleagues want to highlight what they see as Grosjean's talents.

One of the people who had a good view of Grosjean's developments was Guenther Steiner, his team boss at Haas. Steiner believes that, on good days, Grosjean was one of the best drivers on the grid. He explained to "He was for sure very fast. On a good day, Romain was one of the best ones out there. But he sometimes pushed and tried too hard. Then you see those errors. He just went over the limit and then the errors come."

Magnussen agrees

Kevin Magnussen, the man next to whom Grosjean drove at Haas, also seems convinced that Grosjean is more talented than people are usually willing to admit. To reinforce his point, Magnussen referred to Grosjean's early seasons in Formula 1: "People have forgotten what he did back in 2012, 2013, those years where he was on the podium so many times. It’s only down to bad luck he didn’t win a race on quite a few occasions. That’s just how the world works at the moment. Certainly from the inside, being his teammate, I admire him for the talent he is.”

Magnussen also thinks the quality of the Haas over the years has not done Grosjean any favours. "I think over the last years, him being in an uncompetitive car as well has just meant it’s been hard for him to really show."

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