Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya undergoing alterations - this is changing

18-01-2021 19:39
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Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya undergoing alterations -  this is changing

With no racing going on at the moment in the premier class of motor racing, some circuits see now as the perfect time to make changes to the layout of the track. The Barcelona-Catalunya circuit, for example, is undergoing reconstruction until the end of January.

When the drivers will descend on the circuit of Barcelona in 2021 it will look different than before. Especially in turn 10, the biggest change will take place; this will be extended to create a larger run-off zone. 

The Barcelona circuit has been part of the Formula 1 calendar since 1991, and has changed layout several times since. The updates to the circuit were requested jointly by the FIA and FIM, as the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is also a regular fixture on the motorbike racing calendar.


The rebuilding of the circuit is done with the aim of improving safety. There has been criticism on the layout of the track, and on the tenth corner in particular. Valentino Rossi, the motorbike racing champion, compared the corner to "a supermarket parking lot", quotes

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