McLaren veteran to help FIA implement new 2022 rules

16-01-2021 12:35 | Updated: 16-01-2021 14:29
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McLaren veteran to help FIA implement new 2022 rules

The FIA's team responsible for managing the major rule change for 2022 was strengthened this week with the addition of Tim Goss. Goss worked for McLaren for 28 years and will now work with Nikolas Tombazis at the FIA. The two know each other from Tombazis' time at McLaren early this century.

Goss hasn't worked in F1 since 2018

Goss joined the McLaren team in 1990 and slowly worked his way up to the chief technical officer. In 2018, he had to leave the team in that role when the results of the new car were disappointing. As he has not joined another team since then, he is now able to now work for the 'neutral' FIA.

He will therefore now be responsible for checking that the new technical rules for 2022 are correctly implemented. Changes that were initially planned for 2021, but were postponed by a year due to the coronavirus crisis. A further postponement to 2023 has been denied by Formula 1, reports

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