Verstappen: Without F1 rule changes "Red Bull could've done the same as Mercedes"

16-01-2021 09:43 | Updated: 16-01-2021 11:00
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Verstappen: Without F1 rule changes Red Bull could've done the same as Mercedes

According to Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing would have dominated Formula 1 if the class had not switched to hybrid engines. Mercedes has dominated the sport since the hybrid era began in 2014.

No Mercedes, but Red Bull dominance

"To be honest with you, I think if at the end of 2013, if the regulations wouldn't have changed, I think Red Bull could have done the same, you know if the V6 wasn't introduced", Verstappen said of the Mercedes dominance in conversation with

"It's just, I think in a way, it came perfect for them [Mercedes]. Of course, you know, the V6 era, they prepared very early on, and they were well equipped with a good power unit from the start", says the Dutchman. He thinks the big lead at the start of the hybrid era helped Mercedes a lot.

2020 car was rock solid

Verstappen knows that it's not just the strong engine that Mercedes has built. The car's chassis is also very well engineered. "I think they made their car very fast. And, with a good top speed, everything, of course, looks already a lot better. But for sure [in 2020], they also had an amazing car. You can't get around that", concludes the 23-year-old.

Mercedes' era of dominance in under three minutes


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