Magnussen: "This thing with Hulkenberg haunts me to this day"

14-01-2021 17:21 | Updated: 14-01-2021 20:08
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Magnussen: This thing with Hulkenberg haunts me to this day

In a retrospective on his now-finished Formula One career, Kevin Magnussen has in no uncertain terms expressed his feelings regarding his controversial comments towards Nico Hulkenberg in 2017, as well as the extent to which they are still remembered by Formula One fans to this day .

"This thing with Hulkenberg haunts me to this day. It has become almost annoying to talk about it," Magnussen said, speaking to During the 2017 Hungarian GP, ​​the then Haas and Renault drivers got into a fight with each other on track.

After Magnussen forced the German off the track and into the grass, an unpleasant interaction followed in front of the cameras. Hulkenberg then called Magnussen "the most unsportsmanlike driver in the field", to which Magnussen responded: "suck my balls." The Danish driver received a 5-second penalty for his action. 

Magnussen shocked

The former Haas racer does not understand why his disagreement with Hulkenberg seems to have become part of his F1 legacy. "Why do people remember that right now? It's difficult for me to understand. I remember more sporting things and things that happened on the track."

Magnussen continued: "There are other things that I will remember. This one thing got a lot of attention, but it is not something I will remember in my Formula 1 career."

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