Steiner on Schumacher debut at Haas: ‘An honour, but comes with a lot of pressure’

13-01-2021 16:30 | Updated: 13-01-2021 19:13
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Steiner on Schumacher debut at Haas: ‘An honour, but comes with a lot of pressure’

The Haas Formula One team, managed by Guenther Steiner, will present two rookies on the grid next year: Nikita Mazepin and Mick Schumacher. Steiner explains how the team feels about welcoming the legendary Schumacher name back into Formula 1, arguing that it is not only an honour, given that such a big name also brings pressure. quotes Steiner as he explains what the Schumacher name means to the team and how it feels to be able to present the son of the racing legend in the premier class of motorsport. Steiner: "To get his son in is fantastic, and I think it is an honour for us. If I think back to when Michael was driving, he had this aura [about him], and now we have his son in our team.”

Steiner explained that with a famous name like Schumacher also comes a huge amount of pressure, stating that his team are well aware of their obligations towards the young German driver. "To have [Mick] is actually an honour, but it comes with a lot of pressure as well. I'm fully aware of that and not under any illusions. We will do our best to fulfil our duty to move him onto bigger things in life”,  Steiner said.

Formula 2 champion

Guenther Steiner also argues that although Schumacher may struggle in the first period of his Formula 1 career, he can always fall back on his glorious title win in Formula 2. Steiner explains: "For him, coming in as a champion will give him that initial confidence when he may be struggling in F1 because everything is new. He can always go back and say he was the F2 champion. All these things help when coming to F1."

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