Todt compliments Mercedes: 'More dominant than we ever were'

10-01-2021 12:30 | Updated: 10-01-2021 15:08
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Todt compliments Mercedes: 'More dominant than we ever were'

FIA President Jean Todt has made a big compliment to Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton. Todt argues that the dominance of the German team has surpassed that of Schumacher in Ferrari back in the day, and as Ferrari´s former team boss he should know.

Todt argues that looking at a sport that depends on the interplay of man and machine, Mercedes belongs at the absolute top. In a conversation with, he explains this as follows: "I feel, and I'm sure I will be quoted for that, the supremacy, the dominance of Mercedes and Lewis is bigger than the one we had at the time with Ferrari and Michael. And credit to them, the car is very reliable. Apart from the second Bahrain race which was missed by Lewis, in two years, he did not miss to score points in a race. It's absolutely outstanding. And the driver is not doing any mistakes. It's just a combination again."

Todt continues: "I'm also impressed by the continuity of what his team have been able to secure. We are in a world where it's not only a sportsman or a sportswoman, it's a man and a machine, and here, it's the best example of outstanding team spirit, teamwork.”

Matter of organisation

Todt also highlights the difference in mentality and organisation between the two teams, a fact that once again turns out to be in favour of the Silver Arrows. Todt: "I think we are talking about different persons, different ingredients. The only thing really we can compare is seven against seven. But otherwise, on one side, you had a very structured organised German team, with a very talented, extra talented driver. And on the other side, you had one Italian team with a different mentality, a different approach, which became a well-structured, well-organised and also [with] a great driver, Michael Schumacher.”

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