Brundle: 'If anyone in F1 has earned it, it's him!'

31-12-2020 11:26 | Updated: 31-12-2020 16:28
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Brundle: 'If anyone in F1 has earned it, it's him!'

It seemed like it was coming for a few years, but now it's finally going to happen: Lewis Hamilton will be knighted. According to Martin Brundle, the recognition is more than deserved for the seven-time world champion.

Anyone looking at the list of knighted athletes will have wondered for today why Lewis Hamilton still hasn't received the title. But the British driver is finally getting recognition, having matched the seemingly inviolable record of Michael Schumacher.

Former Formula 1 driver Martin Brundle said it was high time. "Congratulations to Lewis and it's very much deserved. He now has seven world titles in his pocket and matches Michael Schumacher. He's at the top of the Formula 1 list for most wins with 95, most pole positions with 98 and most podiums with 165," the analyst explains on Sky Sports F1.

Fighting against the youngsters

The British driver is also very hungry for victories, despite all his achievements. "He turns 36 years old on January 7. Most of the youngsters who want to knock him off the throne are ten to fifteen years younger than him, but he still shows his A-game every race. Full of energy and pushing like crazy. If anyone has earned in F1, it's Sir Lewis Hamilton," concludes Brundle.

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