Lammers doesn't think Perez victory is a 'big deal': "Too much praise"

30-12-2020 18:37 | Updated: 30-12-2020 20:24
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Lammers doesn't think Perez victory is a 'big deal': Too much praise

Sergio Perez is now being brought in at Red Bull Racing as the man to take the team and Max Verstappen to the next level. According to Jan Lammers, however, they are expecting too much. He thinks that drivers are judged too much on the basis of their most recent performance.

"At first we thought that Hülkenberg was the best invention since sliced bread. Then it was Perez again, who simply wins a race because three or four people dropped out in front of him. Then I think 'okay, big deal'," says Lammers in an interview with He wants to put that victory a bit in perspective.

'Stroll isn't that bad if that's the case'

"The next race Lance Stroll was just as fast or a fraction faster than Perez in the first three practice sessions. If Perez is that great, that Stroll isn't that bad either. In short, I think Perez gets too much praise too quick. I don't think he's going to be the solution next to Max."

According to Lammers, Perez has definitely done a good job, but people are now giving him a little too much credit. He also cites Esteban Ocon as an example, a driver Perez beat in both years they raced together.

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