Could Honda be bringing 40 more horse power next season?

27-12-2020 10:30 | Updated: 27-12-2020 11:55
Could Honda be bringing 40 more horse power next season?

Jack Plooij has heard that the men of Honda are working hard to achieve a major upgrade. The Japanese engine provider hope to bring an engine with 40 extra horse power to Australia next year. Furthermore, the F1 analyst states that Max Verstappen especially needs to keep his patience in his path towards his first world title.

"Patience, especially patience. He must be patient. But that is not in the dictionary of the Verstappen family or perhaps somewhere at the back, very thinly written. It's also so damn difficult, because they take a gamble," Plooij started by telling

Red Bull has to keep promises

In recent years we have always heard encouraging reports from Red Bull, but to date this has still not led to a structurally good performance on the track. Every season the Austrian race team lags behind when the first Grands Prix is held. This ensures that Mercedes can get away with the World Championship without any threat.

"Red Bull promises a lot, Honda promises a lot and so far it hasn't come true. Then you have to be patient," said Ziggo Sport's pit reporter.

Honda puts everything on everything

For Honda, 2021 will be the last year in Formula 1. The Japanese engine supplier will then say goodbye to the pinnacle of motorsport. "I hear on the rumour circuit that Honda has built an engine with forty horsepower extra for next year. That they are going to say goodbye to Max on a high."

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