Team boss Carlin expects a lot from Tsunoda: "He's a bit like Verstappen"

20-12-2020 10:49 | Updated: 20-12-2020 11:53
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Team boss Carlin expects a lot from Tsunoda: He's a bit like Verstappen

After a single year in Formula 2, Yuki Tsunoda is already getting ready to make the transition to Formula 1. This year, the Japanese driver drove for Carlin, but will be allowed to enter AlphaTauri next year. According to Carlin's team boss, the rookie is already ready to make the switch.

Trevor Carlin has witnessed Tsunoda's development from close by as a team boss and knows he is ready for it. "It's still to be seen where he will be in the rankings, but I expect he has a very bright future ahead of him," Carlin explains to The Japanese has gone through the various classes in recent years and is already going to F1, the question is whether it is not on the early side.

Tsunoda has a lot of talent

"As long as he's not overwhelmed by everything F1 related, I see no reason why he can't do the same as Lando Norris. Maybe he's also a bit like Max Verstappen. He learns and understands the car enormously fast and has natural talent. If he picks up the F1 as fast as the F2, he will be able to fight Pierre Gasly when we return to Europe," Carlin expects.

The Japanese are very adaptable, because this season in F2 there have been a lot of circuits where Tsunoda has never driven before. The fact that he finished third in the championship shows that Tsunoda is very adaptable.

"He goes to new circuits a lot, but doesn't seem to have any problems with that. I would expect some incidents at the beginning, but as soon as the first few races are over he can start to surprise a lot."

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