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Wolff to stay with Mercedes: We still have a job to do

Wolff to stay with Mercedes: "We still have a job to do"

17-12-2020 20:10 Last update: 22:00


Despite the fact that the Formula 1 season has ended, no agreement has yet been signed between Lewis Hamilton and the Mercedes team. The expectation is that this will happen, but the decision is a long time coming.

Wolff not done yet at Mercedes

It was also questionable whether Toto Wolff will stay on as team boss, because that too has not yet been confirmed. Previous messages suggest that the two would prefer to stay together. Wolff does confirm that he does not intend to leave yet.

Despite the seven world titles in a row that Mercedes managed to win, according to Wolff that is not something you get used to. "Nothing like this has ever happened before. We had to make sure no one felt comfortable and that everyone stayed hungry, because it's dangerous to get used to success," he says in a video on Mercedes' YouTube channel.

There were rumours that Wolff was going to Aston Martin next year, but he says he hasn't finished at Mercedes yet.

"I'm staying in any case. I enjoy working here, and I'm going to stay as team boss for a while. Things may change in the coming years, but I like to see the team continue to grow. I don't think Lewis Hamilton wants to leave either, because there is still work to be done. We want to be champions again," Wolff said.