Grosjean: "Only stupid people don't change their mind"

05-12-2020 11:22 | Updated: 05-12-2020 11:48
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Grosjean: Only stupid people don't change their mind

Romain Grosjean is suddenly not that enthusiastic about the IndyCar anymore after his heavy crash during the Bahrain Grand Prix. The Frenchman says he will never race again in a racing class where no halos are used.

It is almost certain that the halo on the Frenchman's Haas ensured that he survived the accident. He is still recovering from the burns and other injuries he suffered, but he hopes that he will be able to get back into his car in Abu Dhabi. His escape from the burning wreck of the Haas shows how far Formula 1 has come in recent years in terms of safety. Grosjean now says that he sees it as his duty to work to improve safety even further in the future.

"Only stupid people don't change their minds"

"If you have experienced what I experienced then, it is your job to help," he says to "I've already spoken to Jean Todt at the hospital. He asked me if I remember saying it was a bad day for Formula 1 when the halo was introduced. I said: 'Yes, I remember. Only stupid people don't change their mind'. The halo is the best there is. I don't want to race without it anymore."

Because of his departure from Haas, Grosjean is looking for another employer, outside Formula 1. His eye fell on the IndyCar. "I now have my doubts. The ovals are also very dangerous, and my family is also very far away. They have to see everything on TV. I don't know if I can do that. But I have decided not to make a decision yet. My priorities are different now. If I don't race in 2021, I will go cycling, kite surfing, spend time with my children and enjoy life. Then suddenly I will have free time, which I haven't had since I was 17."

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