Wolff stresses engine position: "That's why the freeze needs to come"

03-12-2020 20:48
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Wolff stresses engine position: That's why the freeze needs to come

Red Bull Racing has a problem with the power source now that Honda has indicated that it will retire from Formula 1 after 2021. In order to find a solution to this problem, they are in consultation with the supplier to take over the intellectual property and this only makes sense if there is a freeze on engine development from 2021. This is something that Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff agrees with, and in the meantime he has put forward another point of view.

Freezing is necessary

In conversation with Autosport.com, Wolff says that Formula 1 has do "do everything" to bring forward the introduction of a new power source. This is now scheduled for 2026, but Wolff would like to see the introduction take place as early as 2025. "We haven't got the regulations yet for the power unit in 2026, but I think we all realise what is happening in the world.

"We ought to do everything to bring forward to 2025, and all power unit manufacturers have agreed to this objective. I think [2025] would be still feasible. The question is really do you want to have regulations so early and we have the parallel development with the current power unit and a new one? That's why the freeze needs to come."

An interesting point, because if the freeze is in place, much less money will go to that power source and more can be invested in the new one according to the new rules. This simply saves money, which is one of the aims of Formula 1. After all, that is why the budget cap has been introduced.

Ferrari changes its mind

Ferrari, as the only one of the engine manufacturers, has been fiercely opposed to a freeze in recent months, and that has to some extent caused talks to stall. But there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel now that the manufacturer has indicated that bringing forward the new engine regulations may be a good option.

As Binotto says: "I think it's important for F1 to move forward the 2026 to 2025 for engine and power unit regulations. We need to somehow to follow the trends of the automotive, and make sure that as F1, we are a platform of innovation. By doing that, we may eventually anticipate the freezing to 2022. It was 2023, and obviously you move everything forward by one year."

"I think again, we should consider it. I think it's better to just consider it now, try to think in advance instead of simply waiting the situation and then having crazy discussion at the time. Freezing would be very responsible, simply to consider such a scenario and make sure we are prepared for it", said Ferrari's team boss.

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