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Norris critical of Alonso's Abu Dhabi test

Norris critical of Alonso's Abu Dhabi test

03-12-2020 20:18 Last update: 20:32


Fernando Alonso will return to Formula 1 next year where he will drive for Alpine, the team currently running as Renault. In the run-up to a new season Alonso will take part in the end of season test, which is usually meant to young and developing drivers. Lando Norris is confused by this.

For young drivers

The young driver test will take place in Abu Dhabi and, as the name suggests, is intended for the young drivers. These could be, for example, drivers entering Formula 1 next season and no matter how you look at it, Fernando Alonso is not a young driver. Renault has also had to make some effort to get the FIA to give them permission, which they have been given.

Alan Baldwin, correspondent of Reuters, asked Lando Norris for his opinion. "He’s double my age pretty much so that must make me extremely young. It’s fairly obvious Fernando’s not a young driver. It’s not like he’s only done one or two races and he’s been doing countless tests already this year in Formula One cars."

That brings Norris to the point that he does not understand why the FIA has changed the rules purely for Alonso. He adds: "So I don’t get it. I don’t get why they’ve changed the rules just for him. I think it’s quite silly and it shouldn’t be allowed."

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