FIA makes exception to rules for Alonso

02-12-2020 16:47 | Updated: 02-12-2020 17:55
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FIA makes exception to rules for Alonso

Fernando Alonso has been given the green light by the FIA to take part in the test days in Abu Dhabi. The 39-year-old Spaniard will be driving for Renault again next year and would like to be able to do some extra testing with the team.

Alonso complained earlier this season about the lack of test days for him and his team. Now he is lucky, because the tests in Abu Dhabi are normally only for young drivers who are from a 'young driver programme' of one of the teams. Each team will be allowed to drive two cars.

Adaptation of the rules

Some teams wanted the test to be cancelled as a cost-cutting measure because of the coronavirus crisis, but all agreed in the end to let the rookies drive. The 2020 F1 sports regulations were amended to clarify the content of the test: "An optional one-day test, the sole purpose of which is to allow young drivers to test a current Formula 1 car, carried out on the circuit where the last event of the championship was held, such a test starts within 48 hours of the end of the event," as quoted by

The rules also say that the drivers taking part in the test must all hold an International A licence. And, unless otherwise decided by the FIA, no more than two F1 World Championship races may be held. So for Alonso the exception has been made. Hopefully for him, the youngsters around him will not be driving laps around him.

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