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'Russell is most likely to replace Hamilton in Bahrain'

'Russell is most likely to replace Hamilton in Bahrain'

01-12-2020 19:46 Last update: 21:16


Lewis Hamilton has to miss the upcoming race in Bahrain because of a positive COVID-19 test result. The Brit is already a champion this year, so he doesn't miss anything important. For the other drivers it is very exciting; an opportunity. The best seat on the grid will be released. The BBC thinks George Russell has the best chance.

Russell contender for the best seat in F1

Who is going to sit inside Hamilton's car in the upcoming race in Bahrain? Stoffel Vandoorne, the Mercedes reserve is already on his way to the desert. There is also speculation about a possible third substitution for Nico Hülkenberg this year. But the BBC dares to say that Williams driver and Mercedes protégé George Russell is the big contender.

According to the BBC, Mercedes have approached the Williams team to free Russell for the upcoming race. For the Brit who hasn't scored any points in F1 so far because of Williams' bad form, it would be a great opportunity.

A spokesman for Mercedes said the team doesn't want to go into any further speculation.

Good chance to test Russell out

Russell was allowed to test for Mercedes more often. Since 2017, the 22-year-old Brit has been accompanied by the German car brand in his racing career. According to the BBC, letting Russell race in Bahrain would be a good test moment for Mercedes to see if the driver is ready for the big team.

The conversation is still ongoing and if they come to an agreement that Russell will drive for Mercedes, it is not yet certain who will replace him at Williams. Their backup driver is Jack Aitken. Remarkably, the BBC doesn't think Stoffel Vandoorne or Nico Hulkenberg will claim the seat at Mercedes.