Todt sees areas for improvement after Grosjean crash: 'Second-degree burns'

01-12-2020 10:46 | Updated: 01-12-2020 12:20
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Todt sees areas for improvement after Grosjean crash: 'Second-degree burns'

Romain Grosjean's crash has caused some big reactions in Formula 1. According to Jean Todt, Formula 1 should investigate this, but the President of the FIA also realises that the sport have improved drastically. 

Formula 1 much safer

In fact, everyone was very quick to draw the conclusion after Grosjean's crash: five years ago, he would not have survived. Grosjean went into a crash barrier, his car broke in two and caught fire, but the Frenchman got out alive. Todt, however, still sees some points that need to be improved.

''I think we have all forgotten what it looks like when such a car catches fire and we need to look closely at why. I don't remember many accidents in which the car was split in two, but it looked like the monocoque was kept reasonable and that's exceptional," says Todt in conversation with

Burnt hands

However, not everything went according to plan, because Grosjean's hands were burned. ''We have to look at the gloves, because he has second-degree burns on his hands," says Todt.

"It was great to see the brave Ian Roberts and Alan van de Merwe, who acted immediately and put themselves in danger. So you can see that there are great people who inspire me. I often say that I don't like things about Formula 1, but there are plenty of things I love too. It's part of what I love to do and it only motivates me to make the sport and the organisation even better," concludes Todt.

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