Horner: ''F1 is a dangerous sport and that's why these drivers are so special''

01-12-2020 10:03 | Updated: 01-12-2020 12:15
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Horner: ''F1 is a dangerous sport and that's why these drivers are so special''

Formula 1 was startled this weekend after Romain Grosjean's big crash. The Frenchman fortunately walked away from the accident. Christian Horner emphasises the safety progress made by the FIA and Formula 1.

The Grosjean crash

In the first lap of the Bahrain Grand Prix, things went badly wrong. Grosjean overlooked Daniil Kvyat on the straight and launched himself into the crash barrier. Where this could have resulted in death only a few years ago, this time the Halo was there to save him. Grosjean is still in hospital but is in good shape relevant to the circumstances.

''I think what has been done not just in preparation for this race, but over the last 25-30 years for safety. Five years ago, a driver would not have survived that incident. And to hit a barrier head-on, go through it in a ball of flames and jump out of the car is unbelievable. All credit needs to go to the FIA. Particularly Ian and Alan, going in with open face helmets on because it wasn't clear where the driver was. The safety of these cars has stepped up. Sometimes we give the FIA a hard time,'' said Horner in Red Bull's online press release.

Red Bull now for the Halo

Max Verstappen didn't think it looked like right and Red Bull opted for the aero screen. However, Horner is now happy that the Halo is here. ''The halo came under criticism, hats off to them because Romain Grosjean owes his life to those measures. Not just on the car, but the circuit. The way the marshals dealt with it. Of course, you're always learning and improvements will inevitably be made in the future''. However, Horner does not understand criticism of showing the images.

''I think obviously they would've delayed those replays if the driver has been injured significantly. Motor racing is dangerous, I'm sure that accident will be on the front of the numerous newspapers around the world. We'll have world headlines. Formula 1 is a dangerous sport, that's why these drivers are so special. They have the ability to get into the car and race flat out after an incident like that. That's always been the case with Formula 1. I think what is fortunate about the incident today is that the driver survived it relatively unscathed. Which would have been unthinkable pre-halo two or three years ago. The halo saved his life today," concludes Red Bull's team boss.

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