Verstappen: "We're not sissies"

30-11-2020 20:05 | Updated: 30-11-2020 20:34
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Verstappen: We're not sissies

Max Verstappen is known for his blunt outlook on life. That was no different after Romain Grosjean's accident at the Bahrain Grand Prix , although he too was worried when he saw the flames. On Peptalk on Ziggo Sport, Verstappen explained how he experienced that moment.

"When that red flag came and we were still in the car and driving back to the pits, that was the worst moment. That's because you see those flames, of course, and you don't know what really happened or whether he's still in the car. Once we were in the pits, he had of course already jumped out of the car. We had seen that image."

What did Verstappen get up to?

After that the drivers had to wait a long time before they could start again. He used that time to get in touch with his family. "I did some face timing with my father and my sister and I sent some messages," said Verstappen.

When asked whether the accident woke him up, the Red Bull Racing driver reacted in very Max Verstappen fashion. "No, it happened. Of course it's not nice and it was a huge shunt. Of course you hope it never happens, but danger is in the detail."

 "We're not sissies, come on! It happens, unfortunately, such a crash, but to say 'I don't drive any more', I can't understand that."


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