Lammers explains Grosjean’s Bahrain crash

30-11-2020 08:54 | Updated: 30-11-2020 10:38
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Lammers explains Grosjean’s Bahrain crash

At NOS Studio Sport last night, the intense crash of Romain Grosjean was the talk of the day. Jan Lammers was a guest and gave his view on the crash, the operation of safety protocols in Formula 1, and the run-up to the crash that will constitute the defining image of this GP. 

"It's out of date," started Lammers, who also looks back at the images in shock. "You can see such a huge impact with a sea of flames. It was like a bomb exploding. At first, you're confident that the car's safety capsule will do its job, but it was too much information even for experts to know what's going on right away."

The former driver explained how the contact between Grosjean and Kvyat took place in the second corner. Lammers: "It's a combination. Before that there was chaos, and then, like in the rain, you're actually looking for the view behind all those cars."

Kvyat had a better view of the situation 

"Grosjean went to the right, there sat Kvyat. So on the one hand you can say 'well, Grosjean should have gone more carefully to the right'. On the other hand, of course Grosjean sees Kvyat behind him in those tiny mirrors, and Kvyat sees Grosjean just full-size in front of him," added Lammers. 

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