Vettel is supported by experienced colleagues: "Don't want this to happen again"

26-11-2020 16:05 | Updated: 26-11-2020 16:17
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Vettel is supported by experienced colleagues: Don't want this to happen again

During qualifying for the Turkish Grand Prix, drivers were sent onto the track after a red flag situation, while one of the towing cranes was still in the exit zone of turn 8. Sebastian Vettel already called it an inadmissible error by the race management that weekend.

Given the accident in which Jules Bianchi was ultimately fatally injured in 2014, it is not surprising that drivers are worried about this. That is why Vettel has had the support of some experienced colleagues at the press conferences in Bahrain. The last word has not yet been said about this.

All drivers agree

“Yes, there’s been some follow-up, and yes I believe it will be discussed at the drivers’ briefing,” said Grosjean when asked by The Race about the GPDA’s response to the matter in Bahrain on Thursday. "All the drivers are aligned on this and we just want to make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Kimi Raikkonen adds that the race management's logic of urging drivers with double yellow flags to take it easy in wet conditions is not enough. “We can go slow for us but it still might be 120km/h or something like that and when you lose it in those conditions you have zero control where you are going to end up."

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