Hamilton goes on the hunt for the magical 100: "Still got a lot to do"

26-11-2020 11:52 | Updated: 26-11-2020 12:41
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Hamilton goes on the hunt for the magical 100: Still got a lot to do

Currently Lewis Hamilton has 94 victories and 97 pole positions. With each victory and pole position he sharpens his own record and the magical 100 is in sight. He can still reach his 100 pole positions this season, but not the 100 victories. 

On the hunt for 100 victories

As he still doesn't have a contract with Mercedes for next year, the question is what he will do. It is expected that he will just sign up, as he can become World Champion for the eighth time next year and thus exceeds the record of himself and Michael Schumacher, which is set at seven.

At the same time, it is also necessary to keep going if he wants to write those magical 100 victories to his name, because he needs six more for this. Whatever Hamilton is going to do, at least he hasn't finished the sport yet. "I still have a lot to do," he says at Oe24.at.

This insinuates that Hamilton will remain involved in the sport for quite some time and although he has often indicated that statistics do not do him much by themselves, 100 pole positions and 100 victories remain very special. Whether he will be able to reach the 100 poles this year, we will know between now and a couple of weeks, as he will have to take them all in the next three races.

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