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Take your pick: On which circuit will Verstappen be racing tonight?

25-11-2020 12:02 | Updated: 25-11-2020 13:50
Take your pick: On which circuit will Verstappen be racing tonight?

Max Verstappen will be participating in the VCO Pro Sim Series and for the second round in this championship the fans can choose on which circuit they want to race. The Dutchman in any case has a clear preference.

VCO Pro Sim Series

VCO stands for Virtual Competition Organization and is the first online race series to bring together professional drivers from the real racing world and the best e-sport racers. Max Verstappen is one of the participants in the VCO Pro Sim Series and immediately won the first round last week. He leads the championship for Philipp Eng and Alexey Nesov.

The Dutchman pair of van Uitert, Danny Kroes, and Beitske Visser also participate in this series. Other well-known names on the list of participants are Haas driver Romain Grosjean and former Formula 1 drivers Timo Glock and Rubens Barrichello.

Second round

Tonight at 20:00 hours the second round will be driven and until 17:00 hours you can vote on which circuit you want them to drive. You can choose between Charlotte Royal, Mount Panorama, Monza, and Snetterton. Verstappen called on Twitter to vote and he has a clear preference: Snetterton. "Lovely tracks on the list, but let's give an old school English track some love."

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