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Brawn on Schumacher potential: "Very optimistic, because he has the qualities"

25-11-2020 10:19 | Updated: 25-11-2020 13:15
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Brawn on Schumacher potential: Very optimistic, because he has the qualities

Mick Schumacher is about to break through into Formula 1. With the F2 title almost in his pocket, almost nothing can go wrong for the young German. Ross Brawn believes in a great debut for the son of the man with whom he achieved great successes.

The Formula 2 Championship will be decided in Bahrain over the next two weeks, as the F2 will not travel to Abu Dhabi. Schumacher therefore still has four races to go before he can be crowned F2 champion. However, the most important thing for him is the step to Formula 1. Is he ready for it?

Schumacher to Formula 1

''Yeah, I've known him since I was a kid and you've seen that competitive spirit since I was a kid. It's great to see him grow, especially in the last two promising seasons. We don't know how he will do in Formula 1, but he is tremendously mature and very well balanced," said Ross Brawn to La Gazzetta dello Sport.

''I am very optimistic, because he has the qualities. But there is also a lot of pressure for him, but so far he is handling it well. Nico Rosberg also managed it, but a father like Michael Schumacher, who is such a legend for Formula 1, is only heavier. I've crossed my fingers," added Brawn.

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