Verstappen suggests F1 needs to be more exciting like Moto GP

24-11-2020 20:13 | Updated: 24-11-2020 23:46
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Verstappen suggests F1 needs to be more exciting like Moto GP

The Moto GP season of 2020 is over and that championship guaranteed a great spectacle again this year. The chances of winning are also greater compared to Formula 1, where Mercedes have dominated for years. Max Verstappen spoke about this with, where the Dutchman suggested that Formula 1 should be more exciting.

It needs to be more exciting

"We need the racing in F1 to be more exciting and drivers to be able to follow other cars more closely and not that qualifying is the deciding factor during a race weekend as it is right now," the Red Bull driver told

"Take a look at the MotoGP championship for example. Even if you qualify tenth, you can still win the race. That hardly happens in Formula 1, just because it's so difficult to follow other cars at most of our circuits."

In 2021 little seems to be changing, as the cars will be very similar to those of this year. However, from 2022 onwards there will be some changes concerning the cars, which gives Verstappen some hope for more excitement.

"I think that's why the new regulations are coming in from 2022 onwards. And whether those new rules will slow Mercedes down or not, you can't even say that at this moment." 

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