Hamilton always aiming high: "Every year I write down things I am not great at"

24-11-2020 15:02 | Updated: 24-11-2020 16:06
by GPblog.com
 Hamilton always aiming high: Every year I write down things I am not great at

Lewis Hamilton is one of the world's greatest sports stars. He will go down as Formula 1 great and he is mentioned worldwide alongside stars of other sports such as Roger Federer and Tiger Woods. However, the seven-time world champion is not finished yet and is still learning.

For almost two weeks Hamilton has been on an equal footing with Michael Schumacher with seven world titles. Hamilton could yet surpass the German in the coming years.

How do you explain such a success? In a big interview with Formula 1 he explained a few reasons behind his achievements.

Learning to communicate

Hamilton explained how he uses different methods to motivate himself every year and above all to keep improving: "Every year I write down things I am not great at, because there are plenty of things I am not great at, and then I ask 'how do we do that? Sometimes I'm not good at communicating, so how can I do that better with Bono and the boys? How can I be more positive and uplifting every time I come to work instead of dragging people into something?"

"It's a lot of studying, I've done more this year than I would have done last year [because of Covid and his limitations on life]. I never understood that when I was younger, I just arrived and drove. The amount of homework I do in the background is probably the reason you see the results I'm getting today," concluded the World Champion.

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