Pirelli intervenes after last year: "Hopefully more strategic choices"

24-11-2020 13:47 | Updated: 24-11-2020 16:00
by GPblog.com
Pirelli intervenes after last year: Hopefully more strategic choices

The Formula 1 circus will travel to Bahrain this week to start a double-header on the Bahrain International Circuit. Pirelli have chosen to bring softer tyres than last year in the hope that the teams can play more with the strategy.

"During these two consecutive weekends in Bahrain we will experience something completely different," said Isola in his employer's preview. Of course, that has everything to do with the fact that there will be two different layouts in Bahrain.

The second weekend will be the most challenging for the tyre supplier. "The most interesting challenge will perhaps be the Sakhir Grand Prix, since the track is completely different from all the ones we have raced so far, even though half the layout is in common with the traditional one. Although there is already some data available from the simulations, we will have to wait for the real ones to really understand the levels of tyre wear and degradation, and therefore the strategy."

Different strategies

For next weekend the race will be driven on the C2, C3 and C4 compounds. Last year Pirelli brought the hardest tyres, but since the hardest rubber was not used by the teams at that time, the Italian manufacturer has now chosen to take a softer one. "Hopefully this will give the teams more strategic choices."

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