Hamilton: ''At these moments I can show what I can do”

24-11-2020 07:33 | Updated: 24-11-2020 10:41
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Hamilton: ''At these moments I can show what I can do”

Lewis Hamilton demonstrated why he is a seven time Formula 1 World Champion, as he came out on top in tough conditions in Turkey. The Brit secured yet another win, and he wants to race more in challenging conditions to prove that it isn't all about the car.

Hamilton achieved his seventh world title in Formula 1 in Turkey, matching Michael Schumacher's old record. However, according to many fans and analysts, the performance is hardly comparable and some even say that Hamilton's performance is not as good as it should be because he has the best car and hardly any competition.

''I would like to drive more often in such conditions," Hamilton told Motorsport-Total.com after the race in Turkey. ''At these moments I can show what I can do. I do get the respect of my colleagues because they know how difficult it was and that it's not necessarily up to the car.'' Hamilton, however, notices that not everyone has that respect for him.

''I notice that there are some interesting statements from former drivers. I promise, and I hope I can keep my word, that in 20 years' time when my career is over I will simply support the new generation. Whether that's Lando, George, Max or whoever. I know how hard it is to get this done and I know how this world works,'' concluded Hamilton.

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