Can Verstappen compete in Bahrain? “Verstappen has a good chance”

24-11-2020 06:32 | Updated: 24-11-2020 09:39
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Can Verstappen compete in Bahrain? “Verstappen has a good chance”

This weekend Formula 1 will travel to Bahrain, where they will drive in the desert under warm temperatures. Is this an advantage for Max Verstappen or is he running short in Bahrain?

Having been on the podium the whole season at every race he finished, Verstappen in Turkey for the first time achieved a result outside the podium. Could the Dutchman return to form in Bahrain and contest the race, or will it be a weekend of more Mercedes dominance?

Verstappen back to the podium?

''I would actually think that Verstappen has a good chance in Bahrain, but maybe that's my good hope as well. After all, it is also a circuit where you drive at full throttle almost half the time, and at power and full throttle you end up at Mercedes. You can't rule out Racing Point then either," said Kees van de Grint at RTL GP Slipstream.

However, the former tyre expert also pointed to the conditions in the desert. ''It changes every session because of the temperature and the sand on the track. The fact that you have to be gentle with the tyres is in Verstappen's favour again, but I would be surprised if Honda could match Mercedes in terms of power. In the end we'll probably just see the same drivers at the front again and the same three drivers are on the podium," concluded Van de Grint.

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