"Verstappen has nothing to gain and nothing to lose this weekend"

23-11-2020 19:50 | Updated: 23-11-2020 20:51
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Verstappen has nothing to gain and nothing to lose this weekend

Bahrain is not one of the most successful tracks for Max Verstappen, with three DNF's, a fourth and a sixth place. However, Robert Doornbos thinks that the tyres in particular can produce surprising results.

"This has been a crazy year, because it wasn't exciting at all for the championship. But actually every weekend is a spectacle with beautiful battles, also for P3 for example. Max will be third in the championship anyway, he has nothing to win and nothing to lose," said Doornbos during the broadcast of Peptalk on Ziggo Sport.

Little success for Verstappen in Bahrain

According to Doornbos, what is the reason that Verstappen has had little success in Bahrain?

"The engine power hasn't helped in recent years. In addition, it's in the desert, so it gets very cold in the evening. The tire temperature is the story of the season, so if you can get it right you have a chance".

The private jet purchased by Verstappen is also briefly discussed. "Of course those drivers fly all over the world. Usually, they conclude a kind of lease agreement for 400 to 500 hours a year, and at some point there will be an interaction: Does it make sense from a cost point of view to continue leasing or are you going to buy it?"

"Of course, you're in a different plane every time, and you might also want to have your own stuff. Anyway, having your own jet at 23 years of age sounds good, right?", says Doornbos.

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