Vettel: "It's more than just that one and a half hour on Sunday"

23-11-2020 19:18 | Updated: 23-11-2020 20:49
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Vettel: It's more than just that one and a half hour on Sunday

The Formula 1 season of 2020 has been remarkable because of the coronavirus. Many Grands Prix were cancelled, while others were largely without an audience. It remains to be seen if the 2021 season will go according to plan.

Sebastian Vettel thinks Formula 1 will suffer from the effects of the coronavirus in 2021 as well.

Problems in F1 season of 2021

Asked if he thinks a calendar with 23 races is feasible in 2021, Vettel says: "If we go to the same place 23 times, we will. But it's a world championship and we have to race in different places around the world, so we probably won't," said Vettel talking to

"I think it's more important to see if the teams can make it to 23 races because that's going to be quite a lot. It's more than an hour and a half on Sunday, they're working hard behind the scenes."

Vettel continues: "A lot also depends on how the season starts and how long the pandemic situation is going to last. Next year's calendar will therefore be determined, as well as the start of the season".

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