Drivers will test 2021 tyres in Bahrain: 'Going to be an interesting challenge'

23-11-2020 15:44 | Updated: 23-11-2020 17:01
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Drivers will test 2021 tyres in Bahrain: 'Going to be an interesting challenge'

In Bahrain, the teams and drivers will test Pirelli's 2021 tyres. The tyres will be an evolution of the current rubber. According to Pirelli boss Mario Isola it is important to test in Bahrain, because of the special conditions.

Each driver will have two sets of the 2021 medium tyre at his disposal during Friday practice sessions. These tyres will also be tested at the weekend of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Two experiences

According to Isola, it is important to test in Bahrain in particular. "We get to experience something quite different during both weekends in Bahrain," says the Italian according to "Perhaps the most interesting challenge will be the Sakhir Grand Prix, as it’s not like any other circuit where we have raced before." For the Sakhir GP there will be a shortened version of the Grand Prix circuit in Bahrain, where very high speeds are expected.

"While there’s some simulation data already, we need to wait for real data from free practice to understand the exact effect on wear, degradation, and therefore strategy", said Isola. The tyres will be a step softer than in previous years because that offers even more opportunities in terms of strategy.

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