According to Vettel, Ferrari has many more problems than just the engine

23-11-2020 13:27 | Updated: 23-11-2020 14:17
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According to Vettel, Ferrari has many more problems than just the engine

Ferrari's performance in 2020 has dropped dramatically. Whereas in previous years they were always in the top three, this year they will have to fight for points. Sebastian Vettel explains how that is possible.

In 2019, especially after the summer break, Ferrari were a team that was constantly in the top three, took podiums and even won victories. In 2020, things suddenly look very different. Where many people point to the engine being a lot less than in 2019, Vettel also points to other causes.

Ferrari have more problems according to Vettel

''In terms of engine power we have lost performance compared to last season," says Vettel in conversation with Zeit. Still, according to the Ferrari driver, it's not all down to the engine, but there have been a number of wrong choices with the development of the car.

''As far as the design is concerned, we have taken a small step forward. Last season our car was very efficient. We had a lot of downforce and not so much drag. This year we have more downforce, but also more drag and that's a big problem," concludes Vettel, who also says he is disappointed that he did not achieve his goals at Ferrari.

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