Horner on the big question: ‘Can an energy drink produce a good engine?’

23-11-2020 11:58 | Updated: 23-11-2020 13:57
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Horner on the big question: ‘Can an energy drink produce a good engine?’

The Turkish Grand Prix marked the 300th Grand Prix for Red Bull Racing. A good moment to think about it and so Sky Sports visited Christian Horner at Red Bull Racing's factory.

Different culture

Ted Kravitz from Sky Sports gets a tour of the factory and the chance to see the trophy cabinet and all of Red Bull Racing cars. Kravitz asks what makes Red Bull Racing different from, for example, Mercedes or Ferrari. "I think it's the culture of how we go racing. There's a different kind of vibe at Red Bull." Horner mentions the Austrian Grand Prix a few years ago when the team was dressed in Austrian attire.

Every driver is different

In the 300 different Grands Prix of Red Bull Racing, a lot of different drivers have raced. Every driver is different, says Horner. "They all have different personalities. Max is different from Vettel and Daniel is different from Albon. They are privileged members of the team because they are allowed to drive a product that everyone is working on".

Working with Honda

At the end of the visit, Horner also discusses cooperation with Honda. "The relationship with Honda was great, but unfortunately it's gonna be short-lived." So after 2021, Red Bull Racing will have to do without Honda. "The big question then is: Can an energy drink produce an engine that can compete with the best in the world? We did it with the chassis, so it should also be possible with the engine," Horner is confident.

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