Briatore: "It was reported as if I were dead"

22-11-2020 18:09
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Briatore: It was reported as if I were dead

Although Flavio Briatore has not been a Formula 1 team boss for more than ten years, he still has a great influence on the career of his most important pupil: Fernando Alonso. His comeback at Renault in 2021 has also been decided in consultation with Briatore.

"Yes, we worked on it together," says Briatore on the Spanish TV channel Antena 3. "It was a joint thing, we talked about it. We did incredible things together and we have fantastic memories. I love him very much and I am glad he is back. He is one of the best, he is very motivated and very fit. It is also good for Spain."

Briatore hospitalised

The now 70-year-old Italian has not had the easiest year himself. In August he was hospitalised after becoming infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus.

"There were many comments in the press. I was recovering, but it was reported as if I was dead .... My experience was like pneumonia. Five days in hospital and three weeks in quarantine at home. What did I do? That's a secret", Briatore says laughing.


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