Hamilton even surprised his own racing engineer with victory in Turkey

22-11-2020 08:46 | Updated: 22-11-2020 10:43
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Hamilton even surprised his own racing engineer with victory in Turkey

Lewis Hamilton won his seventh world championship in Turkey. He won six of those titles with Peter Bonnington in his ear. Hamilton's racing engineer has gone through a lot since Hamilton's debut at Mercedes in 2013.

"With Lewis in the beginning I still felt that I might not be worth working with a world champion like Lewis. However, we have continuously learned and worked together on where we can find even more achievements. He goes into that very deeply," Bonnington explains in conversation with Sky Sports.

Eliminating Doubts

"That is something that many are unlikely to see, but that is his ability to learn and take things on board."

So Bonnington has been with Hamilton since 2013 and they have learned a lot from each other during that period. "I think I now fully understand him when the race is going to be a spectacle. The pressure is always high and the adrenaline is also high during a race."

Hamilton often appears on the radio when something is not right for a moment or when the tyres seem to break down. "I always try to muffle those doubts so that we can understand each other."

The British also had those doubts in Turkey, but in the end he took a dominant victory there. "I am sure I was surprised, I don't think anyone could have been surprised. I'm always optimistic, but I really didn't see this coming," concludes Hamilton's engineer.

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