Horner remembers embarrassing bet from 2006!

21-11-2020 13:25 | Updated: 21-11-2020 14:01
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Horner remembers embarrassing bet from 2006!

The race in Turkey marked the 300th race for Red Bull Racing. Team boss Christian Horner looks back on one of the most special moments in his career, the moment he ended up naked in the swimming pool due to a bet.

Horner has been team boss of the Austrian team from the very beginning. He has experienced all the ups and downs with the team. But there is one thing that will probably stay with him forever. He had made a bet with the team in 2006 that he would jump naked into the pool at the first podium for the team, he says in the Talking Bull podcast.

"That was really stupid of me. That car in 2006 had barely made it to the finish of one race. He overheated in Silverstone while it was five degrees there at the time. We arrived in Monaco and on the Wednesday before the race I had a few drinks with Martin Brundle, then the advisor of David Coulthard, one of our drivers. Martin said that David was always strong in Monaco so a podium might be possible. That season it didn't even look like we could qualify in the top ten, let alone get a podium. That's why I said: if he gets a podium, I'll jump naked in the pool."

"I'd already forgotten"

"DC did well in qualifying, he was in the top ten. In the race he suddenly started to win places. We went from eighth to fourth, because our strategy was also in good shape. And all of a sudden he was in the top three. In the meantime, I had already forgotten that stupid bet. When DC crossed the finish line, Martin announced that it would cost me a jump in the pool and then David said again on the on-board radio that he was looking forward to seeing me take my suit off."

"Oh s**t, I thought. I thought I would get away with it if I did it in the dark. I'm a man of my word, but I would do it when nobody is looking. Because nobody wants to see that. Unfortunately, all the international media was around the pool. Luckily David was so merciful to give his cape to hide my masculinity. I did learn from that to never make another bet with DC or Martin Brundle," Horner concludes.

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