Button about old teammate: 'I think he'll return as a better driver'

21-11-2020 11:22 | Updated: 21-11-2020 12:14
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Button about old teammate: 'I think he'll return as a better driver'

Jenson Button expects to see a completely different Fernando Alonso next year. The Spaniard will make his return to Formula 1 at Renault after being out of the sport since 2018.

The double world champion is already working hard for his return to sport. However, he and his team complained about the limited number of test days that the drivers and teams now get. But Button expects to see a reborn Alonso next year, all the hard work the 39 year old driver is already showing.

Better driver

He expects that the time spent by Alonso in other series, such as the Dakar Rally and the Indianapolis 500, have done him good. He draws a comparison with Kimi Raikkonen, who also made a comeback in the sport after working on other racing classes. "Raikkonen realised how good Formula 1 is after having been away for a number of years. That is also why Fernando is coming back and I think he is coming back as a better driver. Whether it's the way he drives or how he treats his team, I think he's very different," Button says to Autosport.

"It will be interesting to see, because the Fernando from three or four years ago really didn't want to be on your team. But I think he's much more of a team player now and understands that that's what it takes to be successful."

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