Szafnauer explains why Stroll had to go on the inside and Perez stayed outside

19-11-2020 10:55 | Updated: 19-11-2020 13:15
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Szafnauer explains why Stroll had to go on the inside and Perez stayed outside

Lance Stroll was quite disappointed after the Turkish Grand Prix. He saw his pole go up in smoke after he had to come in for new intermediates. However, Otmar Szafnauer is still backs that choice.

With a pole and a great start, Stroll had a great result for the taking. The Canadian had secured his first pole in Formula 1 on Saturday and was in the lead for a long time. However, team mate Sergio Perez was getting closer and closer and Stroll had trouble keeping his tyres in one piece.

Szafnauer in defence

''It is a pity that Lance did not get what he deserved. He handled the pressure well and drove away from the competition. It was difficult in those circumstances, but we made the right choice to bring him in. Waiting for dry conditions would not have worked in the end. However, we have to see why Lance had so much trouble limiting wear and tear and Sergio didn't'', says Szafnauer according to

Perez did drive through on the intermediate and ended up taking a great second place. ''The podium is a great result for the team after a strong race by Checo. We can be proud that we have been in the lead for so long. As expected Perez handled the tyres very well and passed the enormous challenge of keeping them in one piece for 48 laps'', Racing Point's team boss concludes.

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