Barrichello chooses between Hamilton and Schumacher: "It's a phenomenon"

18-11-2020 20:44
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Barrichello chooses between Hamilton and Schumacher: It's a phenomenon

Rubens Barrichello thinks Lewis Hamilton is better than Michael Schumacher after winning his seventh world title. Hamilton broke record after record in 2020 and, according to Rubinho, that is enough to say that he is better than his former teammate at Ferrari. By the way, Barrichello expects a lot from the return of Fernando Alonso.

"It's a phenomenon, that's all", describes Barrichello Hamilton according to the Brazilian branch of Then the Brazilian is asked if he thinks Hamilton is better than Schumacher: "I think so. I raced against both and Hamilton in his early years, but I think so."

Return of Alonso

Barrichello also looks forward to the return of Alonso on the grid. In contrast to Schumacher's disappointing return with Mercedes in 2010, Barrichello believes that Alonso will perform in 2021.

"He is better prepared, he has been more concerned with Formula 1 than Schumacher before his return. He has driven karts almost every day, so I don't see things going wrong with Alonso", says Barrichello. Whether Alonso can actually reach the level before his sabbatical, the Brazilian is not sure yet.

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