Albers: "Red Bull needs a faster second driver"

18-11-2020 14:47 | Updated: 18-11-2020 15:22
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Albers: Red Bull needs a faster second driver

In Turkey Alex Albon did not achieve the desired results again. After a good start he crossed the finish line in a disappointing seventh place. In the Formula 1 podcast of the Telegraaf, former driver Christijan Albers shines his light on the situation.

Albers believes Albon’s future with Red Bull is on thin ice. "Albon was in a good position in the race, and he hurt himself again with that spin," Albers begins. "The situation is unrecoverable.”

Red Bull Racing not only needs a better second driver for results on Sunday, he says, but when it comes to research and strategy, a reliable second driver is essential too. "You need a faster second driver in addition to Max, to develop the car, to collect data, and for strategy."

Undercut now impossible

Albers names the undercut as an example: "If Albon was between Hamilton and Verstappen, Lewis would have to respond to Albon with an undercut, but Albon is constantly falling behind. Albon cannot back up Verstappen.”

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