Horner: 'In the beginning we had a bit of a reputation'

18-11-2020 13:51 | Updated: 18-11-2020 15:15
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Horner: 'In the beginning we had a bit of a reputation'

Red Bull Racing celebrated completing 300 Grand Prix in Formula 1 last weekend. The team could not celebrate that with a nice result, but it is certain that the team has had a major impact on Formula 1 in a relatively short period of time.

"Dietrich Mateschitz is very passionate about the sport", says Horner in Red Bull's Talking Bull podcast when he talks about the origins of the team. "He had sponsored teams and had been shareholder in Sauber, but this was the first time he had total ownership and control of a team."

Red Bull was not taken seriously at the beginning

"He encouraged us to adopt the Red Bull philosophy of not being afraid to take on the establishment, doing things differently and having some fun along the way," especially the latter was expressed in the first few years, when the results at that time were not exceptional.

"In the early days we had a bit of a reputation, because we played loud music in the garage and we were throwing parties when the grand prix was in town. People didn’t really  take us seriously and just wanted a ticket for the Red Bull party.

“Underneath there was this real determination to put together the best raceteam that we possibly could. That’s all about getting the right people.”

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