Williams gives two talents a unique opportunity during the test in Abu Dhabi

17-11-2020 10:41 | Updated: 17-11-2020 11:12
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Williams gives two talents a unique opportunity during the test in Abu Dhabi

Roy Nissany and Jack Aitken will make an appearance for Williams during the test in Abu Dhabi at the end of the Formula 1 season. Williams has also announced that Nissany will be in action during the first free practice session in Bahrain.

Williams opts for talent

Williams test drivers Nissany and Aitken are both driving in F2 this season and they will get a chance with Williams during the season-ending young drivers test.

At the end of the last Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi there will be a test, where teams are allowed to use two cars in one day, but only drivers who have driven a maximum of two races in F1. Renault is still trying to find an opportunity here to have Fernando Alonso tested, but Williams chooses his own talent.

Unique opportunity for the talents

''Of course I’m delighted to be able to step back into the FW43 in Abu Dhabi. After my FP1 outing with the team earlier in the year, I’ll be looking to build upon my experience with the team and get some ever-welcome laps under my belt. Although we won’t be able to test too much with the way the programme is set, there are always things to learn, and it will be a great way to finish the season," says Aitken in Williams' press release.

''The Abu Dhabi test is another great opportunity for me to develop my connection with the car. In contrast to an FP1, the test gives us much more time and miles to fine tune and synergise the car and my driving," Nissany adds.

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