Verstappen congratulates Hamilton: "Now the greatest driver in Formula 1 ever"

15-11-2020 13:27
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Verstappen congratulates Hamilton: Now the greatest driver in Formula 1 ever

Max Verstappen seemed to have a strong chance of winning the Turkish Grand Prix. After a wild attempt to overtake Sergio Perez for second place, almost everything went wrong. Hamilton went on to win and he took his seventh F1 world title.

Afterwards, Verstappen told Sky Sports that he hopes these slippery conditions will never occur again. When he got behind some other drivers after his spin, he was faster, but was unable to overtake due to the lack of grip outside the race line. He, therefore, calls it a race to quickly forget.

'Hamilton and Mercedes deserve it'

The British press then also asks for his opinion about Lewis Hamilton's seventh world title: “It was pretty obvious that he was going to win it, but it's incredible. He drives very strongly, again today. So yes, I guess he is now the greatest driver in Formula 1 ever, in terms of stats anyway. It's a great result. Also from the whole team, because they have been so dominant, then they certainly deserve it ”.

When asked whether he would not like to compete against Hamilton for victory every weekend, the Dutchman responds evasively. He does not want to diminish the performance of his competitor. "Of course, but this is not the time to talk about it now."

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