Magnussen annoyed with rivals: "People don't respect the rules"

14-11-2020 15:33 | Updated: 14-11-2020 15:51
Magnussen annoyed with rivals: People don't respect the rules

Kevin Magnussen was left frustrated by his fellow drivers after being knocked out in Q1 for the Turkish Grand Prix. Double yellow flags were out but several drivers improved their times, leaving an annoyed Magnussen down in 16th.

Magnussen fuming with Q1 exit

After being knocked out in the first part of qualifying, Magnussen told Sky Sports: "Clearly my lap will stand because I backed off. Nobody else did but I backed off. The track was better, I was going to improve but there was a double yellow flag, the rules say you have to abort the lap but nobody did." 

The Dane understandably believes that everybody's lap should be ruined by double yellow flags, not just those who abide by the rules. He adds that it could create dangerous scenarios if drivers know they can go faster than they should to complete their laps: "And then they don’t look at it in the session so I’m knocked out, I’m not running now because people don’t respect the rules," he adds. "I’m very annoyed with that. If this is normal I can’t justify backing off"

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